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About us

Restoration Ministries is all about the word of God. And God called Pastor Rita Richmore on her way to Nigeria to preach the word of God. It took her two years to honour the call. When things became tough,Cheap Nfl Jerseys she started preaching to people and organized a prayer meeting in her house for a period of one year. From then, people were excited to hear more about the word of God.

Seventeen years ago, we started our ministry and eighteen people turned up. The Lord called her to preach the gospel to the Town of Malmo, Sweden and she began to ask herself how that could be possible. And two months later, Restoration Ministries was founded. The foundation of the church is based on Jeremiah 1: 4-19. The Lord told her that He placed His word on her mouth, but she was so scared to preach over the television.

She later wrote a letter to Kenneth Copland Ministries. When he replied the letter later, he said. “Your eyes (Rita) has seen what others has not seen” and added Romans 10: 6-17 (How then can they called on Him whom they have not believed, how can they hear without a preacher. When she read that, she was referred to Jeremiah 1:4-19. She now started to preach the word of God, and she later found out that the people of Malmo, Sweden have not heard the word of God.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Since then, we have been having “Holy Ghost Conferences, Men’s conferences and the “Gift of the anointing” which we celebrate in December because Jesus is the gift to the world. And 2009 will be the first time for the ministry to hold “women’s of destiny conference”.

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Service Times & Directions

Weekday services

Wednesday (Intercession): 7:00 pm

Every other Wednesday(Holy Ghost prayer): 7:00 pm

Friday (Bible studies): 7:00 pm

Night Vigil

Prayer (1st Friday): 11:00 pm

Praise Night (3rd Friday): 11:00 pm

Choir practice

Saturday: 6:00 pm

Sunday Service

Sunday: 11:30 am

Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26 A,
214 50, Malmö - Sweden
+46(0)764 329 657