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Restoration Ministries is a non-profit church. As part of our activities, we do sponsor orphans in Africa namely Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and Kenya . As a non profit we depend on individual donors and corporate sponsor for fundraising. Our aim is to:

  1. Give orphans a good education. According to statistics, uneducated children are more exposed to abuse, crime, evil gangs and occult sects.
  2. Prevent prostitution. Children are exposed to prostitution when on the street.
  3. Rescue children from the street and bring them to Christ

So far, we have been sponsoring orphans in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and started the same work in Kenya. Together, we have been able to prevent prostitution, rescue children from the streets and draw them to Christ.

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Service Times & Directions

Weekday services

Wednesday (Intercession): 7:00 pm

Every other Wednesday(Holy Ghost prayer): 7:00 pm

Friday (Bible studies): 7:00 pm

Night Vigil

Prayer (1st Friday): 11:00 pm

Praise Night (3rd Friday): 11:00 pm

Choir practice

Saturday: 6:00 pm

Sunday Service

Sunday: 11:30 am

Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26 A,
214 50, Malmö - Sweden
+46(0)764 329 657