66 lakh sq ft due to lower than expected sales of 9562 sq ft in

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hermes blanket replica Oberoi Realty’s Q4FY18 sales performance was below our estimate mainly due to subdued sales in Worli Replica Hermes Birkin project. On the financials front, the results were above our estimates on the topline, bottomline front Oberoi Realty’s (ORL) Q4FY18 sales volumes fell 13.6% sequentially to 1.31 lakh sq ft with sales value of Rs 263.3 crore. Sales volume was below our estimates of Hermes Handbags Replica 1.66 lakh sq ft due to lower than expected sales of 9562 sq ft in Worli project (our expectation: 50000 sq ft) Revenues grew robustly by 19.1% YoY to Rs 345.0 crore and were slightly above our estimate of Rs 338.3 crore EBITDA margins expanded 80 bps YoY to 53.1% mainly on account of a change in the project mix hermes blanket replica.