A lot of people feel that it has strong health benefits and

Much like the Genius Ditz, it is a strange mixture of brilliant and bizarre. Their quirks don’t seem to be intrinsic to success, a la Crazy Awesome, and the unexpected quirks only tend to bother new characters who don’t know them well. Compare the Insufferable Genius, whose quirk is more often just being a Jerkass. The Insufferable Genius might insist everyone address him as “sir” or “Dr. Smith”; the Bunny Ears Lawyer might not answer unless addressed as “Grand Duchess Abigail Chester Wilson Snapdragon Lemmywinks Brian Brain McFisticuffs the Negative 10 to the Fifth Power”. While you’re unlikely to see something as extreme as an actual bunny ears wearing lawyer, you will find plenty of examples of people who remain employed despite their personal peculiarities.

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