Adamson is in his late 70s, according to his Facebook profile,

An advantage of having kids when I’m older is that I just don’t care what other people think. Or maybe I’ve grown a thick skin from the years of embarrassment. But now I can see mommy shaming for what it so often is: insecurity. Well that’s what Alan Abel wanted The New York Times to think, anyway. The professional prankster hired a dozen friends to help him carry out his joke, including a fake funeral director who “collected” his belongings; fake witnesses who corroborated the story; and even a woman who posed as his widow when the Times was notified of his death. The plan which involved 12 people playing different parts that took over six months to plan was all orchestrated by Abel to see if he could fool one of the biggest newspapers in the world into printing his obituary on what he later called a “slow news day.”.

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