Club uses a crane to hoist boats

Club uses a crane to hoist boats into the water, while relying on floating in the water to keep boats from hitting the pier wall. But those fenders will be useless since the water level is above the height of the pier.And water levels are expected to increase in weeks to come before they reach their peak, normally by late June.Meanwhile, city workers were in Port Dalhousie Friday morning installing fencing to keep people away from the flooded pier at Lakeside the water, said St. Catharines roads supervisor Patrick Conway, while overseeing the work.He gestured to a section of the sidewalk that was completely submerged.peers have been deemed unsafe, because the water is over the pier, he said, adding the high water level makes it difficult to see the submerged edge of the pier.The fencing will remain in place until water levels eventually subside.all about safety.

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