Double bluff: The message, which displays ‘Nationwide’ as the

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canada goose black friday sale Cyber con: Intelligent criminals are emptying out bank accounts by pretending to be from official sources (Image: Daily Post)Get money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!In a message shared online by Nationwide, it showed an example of the fraudulent message, asking the recipient to verify a payment to the Apple canada goose outlet seattle online store.Hackers then ask you to canada goose outlet online uk “urgently” call their “fraud prevention” number this is in fact a direct line to them where canada goose outlet germany they work to trick you out of your personal information.Nationwide and Action Fraud are urging banking customers to stop and think before calling any number people send you ideally using the number on your card or going online to independently search for your bank’s number instead.A Nationwide spokesperson said: “The systems and processes used by financial institutions like Nationwide are working and successfully stopping many fraud attempts we are making fraudsters’ lives harder, but as canada goose uk a consequence, they may now attempt to contact customers directly.”It’s important to be alert and take time to think before sharing financial details.Double bluff: The message, which displays ‘Nationwide’ as the sender”A handful of customers received this text message and responded to it, but we were proactive, shut it down and customers received refunds on the same day,” a spokesperson added.”We used this scam on our twitter feed as an example to encourage customers to be vigilant. Fraud is an industry wide issue and we see customer canada goose outlet canada education as a key factor in tackling it.”Nationwide says it has now clamped down on the messages, however if you see it, you’re advised to report and bin it immediately.Fraudsters hack dozens of Groupon accounts leaving customers out of pocket How to check if you’ve been affectedWhy would my bank text me? Banks frequently use telephone and text messages to verify transactions, particularly when unusually high or out of canada goose outlet hong kong the ordinary payments are flagged up by its automated systems.A Nationwide spokesperson said: “As part of our commitment to prevent fraud, if we spot an unusual transaction a block may be placed on your card.”We will then contact you using our automated service to confirm if the transaction(s) are genuine. This is a quick and easy way to either confirm fraud or remove the block from your card.”Nationwide says there are two ways in which its automated service may contact you:Text alertVoice callYou will receive a text alert asking you to confirm whether a recent transaction is yours. canada goose parka outlet canada goose black friday sale

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