It the second largest meteorite crater in the world

Now play your favorite DVD and record the scene of your choice. Click the red circle to start recording video. There is always a lag of a couple of seconds between the time you hit the record button and when it actually starts capturing. All four wheels of this Toyota Hiace would be off the ground, and the mattress would fly forward and half the stuff would slide around the van.The Wolfe Creek Crater (not to be confused with the location of the Wolf Creek backpacker murders) left a particularly lasting impression.It the second largest meteorite crater in the world why not check here , measuring 850 metres across. It located in the northeast of Western Australia, and getting there takes five hours of bumping down the rough road from Halls Creek in extreme heat.asked the locals a lot if we be able to make the side trips in a two wheel drive.was windows down or nothing, really. Even drinking heaps and heaps of water, and soft drink because the water tasted horrible, Gaz started to get really sick with nausea and a pounding all we did was drive the highway because it was too hot to go off road.

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