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Canada Goose Outlet Sale Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA passenger on an easyJet flight was stunned when he was served a sandwich that was seemingly 10 years out of date.Shocked Adrian Bell, 59, was returning to the UK from a holiday in Zante with his wife, Lindsey, 42, when he purchased the cheese toastie.He looked at the snack and realised that the best before date read June 16, 2007 nearly ten years out of date at that time.But easyJet insists that the item was not out of date, but instead was labelled incorrectly.Airport turns family away from exclusive lounge they paid for because they were wearing Minnie Mouse T shirtsHe claims one quipped: “We should charge you more, it’s an antique”.Adrian said: “I was flying back to the UK after a family holiday on June 15 when I was served the sandwich.”I told staff on the plane about it and they said it wasn’t out of date but they were just looking at the day and month, not the year.”The date on the back read 16/06/2007, that’s ten years out of date. The flight staff said that no one else had complained.”I’ve been writing to customer service but they just don’t answer. It was dangerous serving it, we don’t know how long it’s been frozen for.Ryanair wants to introduce a new rule for all plane passengers and you won’t like it”I told them and they carried on serving them, so I started telling the other passengers on the plane.”It was still really tasty, to be honest, but it was over cooked.”But easyJet this morning insisted that the sandwich was still in date, and the confusion came from an incorrectly printed label.A spokesperson said: “We have looked into this with our in flight partner and they have confirmed that this sandwich was in date.”This was obviously a manual printing error and we are surprised that anyone would think it was anything else.”Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterheroinHorrifying images show men passed out in city centre subway with ‘heroin syringes’ still in their handsWARNING DISTRESSING IMAGES The pair were discovered unconscious and surrounded by drug paraphernaliaPrincess DianaLawyer who saw Diana’s death crash breaks 20 year silence to claim “other forces” were behind accidentStanlee Culbreath is speaking out for the first time in two decades to question whether the Princess of Wales could have lived if French emergency services had acted fasterBarcelona terror attackBarcelona terror suspect Younes Abouyaaqoub shot dead by police while wearing fake explosive vestYounes Abouyaaqoub was wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest when he was gunned down by armed police, and is said to have shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as officers approached himHospitalsHorrified new dad heard “loud blow” as wife’s body was cut in half by hospital lift moments after giving birthRocio Cortes Nunez was being taken to a maternity unit via stretcher her legs were reportedly left dangling in the lift shaft after the tragedy Canada Goose Outlet Sale.