Meditation teaches you to put a little bit of a break between

And if crysis were to be ported to any other platform other than pc it would be the xbox 360. Because of its aforementioned similar api and larger install base. Please dont turn this into some lame platform war.Crysis on the PS3 is highly unlikely. The left handed Smith was initially unsettled by Swann, so he eschewed all risk by lunging defensively forward or playing from the crease a viable option against such sluggish turn. The result was a fifty high on determination and low on aesthetics; at 160 balls, it was his slowest in Tests. (His next fifty, though, came from just 41, as he became the seventh player to mark his 100th Test with a century.) Session merged into session as milestone after milestone slipped by under increasingly blue skies: 200 stand, 100 for Amla, 250 stand.

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