Niska said it would use proceeds from the IPO to repay

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buy moncler jackets It had planned to sell 17.5 million shares at $20 to $22 each after raising the expected price range from $19 to $21 in moncler sale April.MIE Holdings last week slashed the expected value of its IPO by 60 percent. The company, which relies heavily on its relationship with state owned PetroChina and politically connected executives, also said in a filing that Chief Executive Ruilin Zhang and his brother in law Jiangwei Zhao, senior vice president, and a company that the two own, Far East Energy Ltd, would no longer be selling shares in the IPO.Niska, the uk moncler sale largest independent owner and operator of natural gas storage and assets in North America, owns facilities in Alberta, northern California and Oklahoma, according to a regulatory filing.Niska said it would use proceeds from the IPO to repay revolving credit and for general purposes. moncler online store (Reporting by Clare Baldwin; Editing by John Wallace, Dave Zimmerman and Steve Orlofsky).. buy moncler jackets

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