Numbers overall are up for MTCS this year

Closing night of DocFest, the second annual documentary film festival hosted by SF Indie, had them lined up down SoMa’s 11th Street corridor Tuesday, May 21 for a screening of ‘s “Breath Control: The History of the Human Beatbox.” Wearing a vintage Fat Boys T shirt, Garfield weaved in and out of the rows of folding chairs filling up Studio Z (still better known as the old , across from Slim’s) chatting with friends and audience members before the lights went down. While it seems you can’t step off the curb without hearing about a new turntablist, the art of beatboxing has remained relatively underexploited so far, which makes “Breath Control” doubly entertainingPioneers like and Biz Markie haven’t had many chances to present themselves as part of the musical history spectrum, and it’s such a long time coming that the crackling energy with which they reminisce exceeds most of what’s seen in talking head docs. Plus, by the very fact that they (and other interview subjects like Zap Mama and Scratch From the.

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