Our journey into the Arctic Circle felt almost like flying

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cheap Canada Goose Husky selfie at Santa’s LaplandGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeIt’s only just over three hours flying north from Manchester to the furthest reaches of Finland and as we began our descent, the mid day sun had already slipped out of sight behind us as we dropped into the earth’s shadow.We were travelling within days of the mid winter solstice, when the sun never peeps above the horizon in this most northerly tip of the planet. Our journey into the Arctic Circle felt almost like flying into space to experience the curvature of the earth and the tilt of the globe.Coming into land, we could see a twilit landscape beneath us blanketed canada goose outlet new york city in snow, marked out by canada goose outlet store uk the dark outlines of evergreen forests and the tiny lights of the few scattered settlements it was decided this was probably where the elves make their toys.Inside the Arctic Circle By the time we stepped out onto the snow covered tarmac at Ivalo Airport, the sky was a disorienting pitch canada goose outlet phone number black even though it was just 3pm, with the temperature a breathtakingly bitter 17C.Immediately after picking up our luggage we were met by some of Santa’s helpers who herded us onto the waiting coaches for a festive sing song during the 25 minute trip to our hotel canada goose parka outlet in Saariselka.The Santa’s Lapland resort is way up in the far north of Finland, more than 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle and less than 30 miles from the border with Russia in the heart of a vast icy wilderness.Winter Wonderland For the first time in their lives, our three children were walking in the Winter Wonderland that they hear about year in the Christmas songs, stories and legends.Back at home we would be working out convincing explanations (yet again) for how Santa can land his sleigh on the roof when there is no snow and how he delivers presents down a chimney which has been boarded up to mount https://www.canadagoose-online-shop.co.uk/ a flatscreen TV.But here in Lapland the Christmas myths make perfect logical sense canada goose outlet store new york and parents can relax and go with the festive flow.In our family group we had one true Christmas believer aged three, an eight year old who did a convincing impression of keeping the faith and 11 year old with the decency to play along with it all.Driving from the airport past dark forests and icy plains, they were all spellbound by the spectacular landscape.We checked into the Hotel Riekonlinna to be shown our spacious, functional three bed apartment on the second floor with a small kitchen, balcony canada goose uk site and its own private sauna room.The first job was to be kitted out in the appropriate gear canada goose outlet nyc for a place where temperatures were about to dip to below 25C.Winter body suits, gloves, socks and boots Next to the hotel is the Lapland Safari outfitters where we were all swiftly sized up within a matter seconds and handed the heavy boots, thick socks, gloves and matching red full body snow suits which canada goose outlet factory would keep out the chill.Then there was just time for a quick sledge around the check it out resort, an evening meal and then bed ahead of our big day.In the morning, the darkness began to lift by around 10am but it still remained a dim twilight with no sign of the sun. We put on our winter gear and joined the bus for another singalong led by our Santa’s Lapland tour rep as we headed for a day at the Arctic Centre.This is a small buy canada goose uk theme park in the middle of a forest filled with winter sports and activities.For the husky ride I was allowed to stand at the back of the sled and take the reins while the rest of my family huddled together on fur covered seats.Husky ride through the snow We canada goose outlet toronto were pulled along by five dogs tied in line, skidding across the snow in convoy through the woods.It was an exhilarating ride and the kids were delighted to find they were permitted to stroke and pet the husky dogs afterwards while posing for selfies cheap Canada Goose.