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– Computer and typing skills. – – Microsoft Office (Word / Excel) use.> Internet & Email must be used. – – preferred to use Photoshop.> – will operate under GM’s Document The combination preparation / Attached filed, it must.
✔️ salary will be negotiated depending on experience.
✔️-made teak furniture – (Foreign Company)
✔️ Supervisory jobs pouch (Pearl) / Industrial
✔️ Day weekend – Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays half
✔️ hours – 8:00 – 5:00 < br> ✔️Ferry (PRE) for a place in the townships ကုန််.> interested Job Guide Agency CV via the form can be sent automatically.
Email – Viber No – 09-968360400
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Ph – 09 – 968 360 400/09 – 97 350 8500 or contact us.> Page ✔ ✔Like bow and below the daily search for new jobs.

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