She lives in Ansley Above the Park

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cheap jordans General Manager, GreenBusiness WORKSIn September 2001, Stephanie refocused the direction of her marketing communications agency, (The) Communication Works, to assist nonprofits in cheap jordans on sale recovering from the aftereffects of 911. The agency began to work on meetings and events executing fundraising and development campaigns for Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Athletes for a Better World, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Keep Atlanta Beautiful, and others.During her work with Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Stephanie learned about Mayor Franklin’s initiatives for the greening of Atlanta and was inspired to do her part in making Atlanta the Green Capital of the South. As a result, mzbredshoes Stephanie founded GreenBusiness WorksTM.”Going Green is important to me because of my increasing awareness of climate change and the effect of greenhouse gases on our environment. Concerned, I began looking at the choices I could make to reduce my carbon footprint. After making simple lifestyle changes such as increasing the use of mass transit, composting and recycling, I began to assess my professional life. What changes could we make in our internal operations of the company and how could the company make an impact in the community? With our experience in the marketing communications and event production industry for more than 25 years, it became apparent that we could add another line of business to the 8 year old company, and thus, GreenBusiness WorksTM began.”Stephanie serves on the board of the Green Chamber of the South and is a volunteer for the Georgia Chapter of the United States Green Building Council as the sponsorship committee chairperson and liaison for the Emerging Green Builders. She lives in Ansley Above the Park, a vertical community in Midtown, Atlanta, volunteering as co chair of the AATP Green Team. She enjoys playing tennis, hiking, golf, horseback riding, and any activity with her five nieces, 3 nephews and her incredibly adorable great nephew. cheap jordans

cheap air jordan shoes The BP Oil Spill and the resignation of General McChrystal are real world examples of ineffective communication. These public relations nightmares lead to challenges about executive leadership as well as overall strategy (thinking), structure, processes, incentives rewards along with people. (Jay Galbraith 5 Star Model for Organizational Development)Consistency Same well constructed message (Note: Consistency should not be confused with points. Commitment Everyone is on board to deliver the message. When questions are asked, honest responses are given including do not know, but I will get back to you in 24 hours. (Note: This is a reflection of the positive core values from within the business strategic action plan and business ethics within the organization.) Clarity The message is easily understood and without any double speak. When a closed ended question is asked, the response is Yes, No or I do not know instead of the standard open ended, vague responses. Failed or ineffective communication is usually the indication there is something amiss within any organization because for people to perform their jobs requires direction either verbally or non verbally through written documents. This is why having a proven assessment aligned to known standards is required to bring clarity to the real problem. cheap air jordan shoes

cheap jordans from china What is ‘leisure’? First, it is not simply ‘free time’. Leisure is a positivestate of mind, produced from enjoying any freely chosen interest physical,mental, or spiritual pursued purely for its intrinsic benefits, that makesyou feel good about yourself.For those who say their work is their leisure, no matter how much you enjoyyour work it is driven by economic demands. While I love my work, my mainleisure interest is singing. The benefits thatsinging has given to my total wellbeing, work productivity, stress management,work/life harmony and self esteem are positively incalculable.It also demonstrates why I believe in work life harmony rather than work lifebalance. In the right circumstances it can even turn your life around. I speak from personal experience. Some years ago I joined a choir during one of (for me) life’s bad patches. I had to be nagged by a friend for a while before I agreed to join. I now owe a huge debt of gratitude to that friend and the choir still gives me my weekly emotional energy ‘fix’. Five major factors have altered that attitude:1) the dramatic social revolution of recent decades,2) the new type of workforce generated by that revolution, who work to liverather than live for work,3) the rapidly rising rate of burnout and stress related injuries as a resultof prolonged excessive business stress and pressure,4) the change from centralized knowledge in the hands of top management todecentralized knowledge and expertise across the organization/the globe, and5) the disappearance of theprinciple of the employer providing “a job for life”.I call it a new Life Ethic, accentuating the fact that work and leisure areboth important in maximizing personal growth and potential. Many other factorscome into the mix as well.Not only is my Big Hairy Audacious Goal situated at the core of my business,the increasingly enthusiastic responses I am receiving globally aredemonstrating I might just be on a good thing cheap jordans from china.