The NDRC is responsible for approving the issue of corporate

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cheap moncler BEIJING, March 21 (Reuters) China on Wednesday gave its approval for 95 firms to issue 99.2 billion yuan ($12.83 billion) worth of corporate bonds this year and promised to redouble its efforts to nurture the market.The NDRC is responsible for approving the issue of corporate bonds of duration of more than one year.China central bank launched a corporate bill market in discount moncler jackets May 2005 for debt of one year or less. Issuance doesn require NDRC approval.The longer term bonds must be secured by banks, a requirement that only large companies can meet.But the agency said that it gave 1.4 billion yuan of the new quota moncler outlet store to medium and small sized high tech enterprises in order to boost independent innovation.Premier Wen Jiabao vowed at a rare financial uk moncler outlet work conference at the beginning of the year that his government would expand the volume of the corporate bond market cheap moncler sale in a country where firms are relying heavily on bank loans for financing.Senior officials have also repeatedly voiced their commitment to nurturing a takeoff of the market, partly to reduce moncler outlet woodbury the exposure of banks to financial risk.State media reported earlier that the NDRC would hand over part of its control of the market to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which would take charge of corporate bond issuance by listed companies.NDRC reaffirmed in the statement that it would further flesh out the cabinet cheap moncler coats mens draft rules.will promote reform and innovation of the corporate bond market and steadily increase the volume of issuance.will strengthen communications and cooperation with other government agencies such as the central bank and the securities regulator to simplify the procedure of issuance and improve moncler online store supervisions. ($1=7.73 yuan).. cheap moncler

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