The spouses are the ones who will carry the additional burden

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Replica Valentino Handbags Even though there are some people who may say he or she can only imagine what it is like to watch their spouse mentally struggle with the challenges of everyday life; they do not wish it were them. It takes a mentally strong individual to accept a person with their struggles knowing that when they knowingly married someone who suffers with Bipolar Disorder their struggles will become his or her struggles. The spouses are the ones who will carry the additional burden of regretting their decision to marry their sufficient other when the situation becomes overbearing. Painful Transformation The infamous werewolf transformation scene where a man peels of his own skin, to reveal a Nightmare Face, only to have a werewolf snout burst out from within his mouth, transforming him entirely into a wild bloodthirsty wolf. Then his head is chopped off by someone! Pet the Dog: Granny is mean and crotchety but she gives Rosaleen bits of genuine affection throughout the film. Satan: The man in the car is implied to be Satan, since Granny prefaces the story with, “One day he’ll meet the devil in the wood.” Savage Wolves: The major theme of the film is that wolves are predators that want to eat up girls (both literally and metaphorically) Replica Valentino Handbags.