This is because few people drive stick and few stick drivers

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canadian goose jacket America is waking canada goose outlet legit up to what was built while it slept: private companies have hired away its police (JPMorgan Chase gave $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation); the federal Department of Homeland Security has given small municipal police forces military grade weapons systems; citizens’ rights to freedom of speech canada goose stockists uk and assembly have been stealthily undermined by opaque permit requirements.Suddenly, America looks like the rest of the furious, protesting, not completely free world. Indeed, most commentators have not fully grasped that a world war is occurring. But it is unlike any previous war in human history: for the first time, people around the world are not identifying and organizing themselves along national or religious lines, but rather in terms of a global consciousness and demands for a peaceful life, a sustainable future, economic justice, and basic democracy. canadian goose jacket

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