True Faith at Manchester Art GalleryBringing together four

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Replica Designer Handbags CityLife Awards 2018 vote for Manchester’s best arts exhibition or eventThe cultural institutions have been a key pillar of the city’s development over decades and continue to thrive as well as achieve national and international recognition.12:00, 22 DEC 2017Updated12:28, 23 DEC 2017What’s OnGet What’s On updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailManchester has always been a city that champions and values the arts. The cultural institutions have been a key pillar of the city’s development over decades and continue to thrive as well as achieve national and international recognition.This year, the usual arts mix was topped up by an ambitious Manchester International Festival programme some of which took art to the people, such as the MIF curtain raiser in Piccadilly Gardens, What Is The City But The People.Other celebrated Manchester’s cultural or concrete past and the impact they have on our future and one brought a big hitter of the contemporary art world to town.Here are the nominations.True Faith at Manchester Art GalleryBringing together four decades of artwork inspired by Joy Division and New Order, Manchester International Festival exhibition True Faith was a must see for any fan of either band.Mixing original memorabilia with contemporary art, the show celebrates the bands’ incredible artistic legacy and that of Peter Saville, whose designs for Factory Records shaped their aesthetic.One of the highlights was the handwritten lyrics to Love Will Tear Us Apart and spotting Johnny Marr on preview night.What Is The City But The People? Piccadilly GardensDoctors, drag queens , protesters, freaky dancers, asylum seekers, barristers, bee keepers and a newborn baby.These were just some of the 150 ordinary folk of Manchester who took to a 100 metre long catwalk to star in the stirring opening night event of the Manchester International Festival.Conceived by artist Jeremy Deller as a unique portrait of the people of our city, residents from all walks of life paraded on an elevated bright yellow walkway stretching 100 metres through Piccadilly Gardens, cheered on by a crowd of thousands.Raqib Shaw at The WhitworthContemporary artist Raqib Shaw brought a solo exhibition to the Whitworth Art Gallery this summer, with visitors able to take home limited edition rolls of wallpaper designed by the renowned India born painter. A real coup for the gallery.Known for being both very outspoken and very private, Shaw creates incredibly detailed, sometimes gruesome and often raunchy paintings, occupying an imagined space between East and West.The Whitworth paintings which were created using a unique technique where pools of enamel and paints are manipulated with a porcupine quill were complemented by historic textiles and drawings from the gallery’s collection Replica Designer Handbags.