A short extension to this one month period may be considered

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wholesale jerseys from china TAUBERT: “It was just like a foregone conclusion that they were gonna beat us. Usually, it was just about how bad they were gonna beat us. But we knew that we could stick with them if we played our best game. When the horse trials or races both the NZ and the Australian papers should accompany the horse.Notice of change of procedures for ’03 NAMED NZ horses ONLYAustralian racing has adopted changes to procedures to reflect the micro chipping of the 2003 domestic foal crop. As a consequence all named NZ horses born 2003 that race in Australia will also be required to be micro chipped (except genuine 30 day visitors).These horses will be allowed 30 days ONLY as an endorsed Visitor (fee $100 payable to the registrar’s office in the state where the horse is racing).Any horse staying for longer than 30 days must be fully registered and adhere to the full Stud book import process. A short extension to this one month period may be considered by the Registrar on application.To offset the additional costs for owners any named ’03 horse from NZ can be registered at half the normal fee ($50 instead of $100). wholesale jerseys from china

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