About us


Pastor Mrs. Rita Richmore is a minister of God, an author, counselor, a deliverance minister as well as an intercessor. She is the founder and General overseer of Restoration Fire Ministries worldwide. She got married to her beloved husband, Pastor Joseph Richmore in 1988 in Nigeria and relocated to Sweden in 1989 in order to live together with her husband. Today, she is happily married for 30 years and blessed with four children. She is the 5th born of her parents and no members of her family were Christian at that time.


God has used her to large extend to saved and transform many lives including her family. In Nigeria, she attended the Deeper Life Ministry and later moved to Freedom Ministry, which was a deliverance ministry and worshipped there until she relocated to Sweden. While living in Sweden, Malmö to be precisely; She visited many churches but couldn’t feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in those churches. However, in the process of finding a church to fellowship, she started ministering to friends in a form of evangelism. Fortunately for her, she later found a church filled with the Holy Ghost of her choice to worship Vegasjö. Through the help of the Senior Pastor, they were referred to a church in Malmö called Malmö Bible Center (MBC) due to the distance. While in Malmö Bible Center, she was a prayer leader and also children’s teacher. As time went by, she was prayed for in order for her to be release from the church duties by the pastor. For her to concentrate on the calling that was upon her life.


Pastor Rita established a bible training program known as Restoration Fire School of Ministry (RFSM), to train leaders and future Pastor who desires to serve in the house of the Lord.

Pastor Rita has two published books in stores which are; “The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of a believe & Power for Success in Marriage” and still on her 3rd book.



 Restoration Fire Ministry worldwide was established 1997. The Church was originally called Restoration Ministry but due to some conflict in the spirit realm, through divine instruction the servant of God Pastor Rita changed it Restoration Fire Ministry. The first prayer meeting was held at Pastor Rita’s home. Fellowships were done twice a month and each time they met; God presence was felt and miracles began to happened in their midst. The numbers of people started increasing from time to time. A suitable place within the community was found after one year and 2 months of holding the prayer meeting at Pastor Rita’s home. After several years; the church moved to Värnhem because of the members were increasing drastically.


The Ministry all began at a point in time when Pastor Rita was involved in cars business. On one very faithful business trip to Nigeria, she snapped off while on board and heard a voice saying ”I’M CALLING YOU INTO MINISTRY’’. So, she woke up and then asked the person next to her if he was  speaking to her but he responded no. Three days later after she had checked in a hotel in Nigeria; that same voice called her name three (3) times saying “RITA! RITA! RITA I AM CALLING YOU INTO MINISTRY, YOU MUST OBEY MY VOICE AND DO WHATEVER I ASK YOU TO DO, THERE ARE MANY SOULS YOU ARE GOING TO SET FREE OUT OF CAPTIVITY’’. She woke up and became restless, even more disturbed. She narrated what had happened to her husband and he told her to find a pastor to pray for her. The following day, a certain man told her that she is running away from the call of God and if she rebels against the call of God, things will get really bad for her. As stubborn as she was then, she ignored. After six months of this encounter, a cousin of hers invited her to church program. when she got there, the Prophet of God told her about the call of God upon her life. In spite of that, she still ignored the words of the prophet. Unfortunately for her, things started going bad for her. She lost a  lot cars transaction which affect her finances as well. After 2 years, Pastor Rita finally made up her mind to follow the call of God upon her life. Currently, the church worship’s at Norra Gransberggatan 26 and celebrated its 22 years of existence. Restoration Fire Ministries from the beginning until now has been known for its core values such as Love, Holiness, Discipline, Integrity, Peace, Communication, and Self-Control.


THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH: In accordance with (Jeremiah 1:19 & Joshua 1:9).

To propagate the earth with the knowledge and the truth of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the end of the world.

Our mandate is to reach out to all that you are send to and to speak the undiluted word of God.

To preach whatever is commanded from the word and not to look at their faces.

Not to be dismayed before their faces least you are dismay before them.

To train disciples and send them out into the world preach the gospel.

To train believers in the art of spiritual warfare, thus making them aggressive and victorious against their enemies.

Restoring lost destiny through the revelation of the word of God.



Prayer that Change Things (Chronicles 7:13-16).

Obedient to the Word of God “Faith” (James 1:21-24, Luke 8:1-2).

Submitting to the Authority (Romans 13:1-8), (2 Timothy 8:17).

Love (1Cor.13:1-12, 1 John 3:4).

Be a Disciple- Winning Souls for the Kingdom of God (Matthew 28:17-20, Act 1:8).

No Strive, Gossip, Manipulation, & Fighting (James 3:16, Eph.4:26, James 4:1-3, Prov.18:6).

Unity Among Members (Ps.133:3, Gen11:1-8).

Stable Marriage for Families (Gen.2:24, Mark 10:4-9, Eph.3:14-21).

Glorious Church with the Promises (Rev.5:6-2, Ish.12:1-6).