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Rey Mysterio says there’s a

What’s it like to be the figurehead for the launch of 5 Star Wrestling? This is a historic moment for cheap replica handbags British wrestling [the first wrestling TV series broadcast live on a weekly basis from the UK].

high end replica bags It is. This KnockOff Handbags project has been talked about for quite some time now. To put an event like this together, it can’t be done overnight. We have stars like Rob Wholesale Replica Bags Van Replica Handbags Dam, Jack Swagger. stars that have been in the WWE roster, that have headlined numerous Fake Designer Bags pay per views and now we’re here, we’re here for the Handbags Replica Liverpool fans, for the fans out here in Europe, that have been loyal high quality replica handbags fans. high end replica bags

I have nothing but respect for that fanbase, because wherever there is an event, you know a WWE event, or a 5 Star event, or an independent wrestling event, when they see the big names, they show up and they have a good time, because we put on a good show.

replica designer bags You get to connect with a lot of your old friends, but you also get to wrestle some of the up and coming stars of British wrestling, like Zack Gibson, who is from Liverpool and a great technical talent. replica designer bags

Right. I’ve had a chance to actually experience wrestling with the new era, the new era of wrestling, and that’s happened over the last three years when I’ve been wrestling on the independent scene. Zack Gibson is going to be one of them tonight. I’ve never faced him before, but I’m looking forward to putting on a great show for the fans here in Liverpool. That’s what they deserve at the end of the day.

high replica bags We are just four days removed from your amazing return at the Royal Rumble. high replica bags

replica bags china Thank you. replica bags china

best replica designer bags You must be so happy with the reception, the reaction and the 8.5 million views on YouTube, which says a lot. best replica designer bags

It’s been incredible. I have nothing to say but to thank the fans for their loyalty, for their respect, for being Replica Bags a Rey Mysterio fan from day one. and for all those fans that have Designer Replica Bags never seen me on TV, because this is a new generation of fans that are watching the WWE.

So to all the new fans that have heard about Rey Mysterio, or played as me in Designer Fake Bags a video game, or purse replica handbags seen replica handbags online me on the Network, for the Replica Designer Handbags first time if you got the chance to see me at the Royal Rumble, thank you very much for being part of it as a fan.

Can you put aaa replica designer handbags into words the emotion and the feeling you had when you came through that curtain?

It’s indescribable. It was one of those moments that you had to be there, to really live it. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that type of reaction, in a massive fanbase, like it was in Philly. Man, it was just unforgettable. It was just one of Replica Bags Wholesale those feelings that you’re going to cherish and it will be with me for the rest of my life.

replica bags online So much in wrestling is about timing it was a very different reaction to the last time you came out in a Royal Rumble. replica bags online

7a replica bags wholesale Oh yes. I recall that, I recall that. 7a replica bags wholesale

cheap designer bags replica In wholesale replica designer handbags 2014 people replica bags were desperate to see Daniel Bryan and you bore replica handbags china the brunt a little bit that night [Mysterio entered at number 30 to loud jeers, after fan favourite Bryan was not chosen to be a part of the event]. cheap designer bags replica

buy replica bags Of course, you’re right, you have nothing to say, except that has to do with timing. When they are expecting to see a face that they want replica Purse to see and you Fake Handbags give them the wrong one, then they are going to boo. Not at you, but at the way that show was written. buy replica bags

designer replica luggage So this time I was very fortunate to be number 27, to come out after three years and to have that emotional feeling of being loved and being wanted to be seen again. To be able to be seen again in front of the WWE Universe, was just incredible designer replica luggage.