As of Friday, two day passes for “Made In America” cost $135

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Cheap Jerseys china Though they have some questions about logistics and transportation, Gary Camp said they prepared for a couple of long days and are looking forward to the show especially Pearl Jam.”I think it going to be an exciting event in a unique setting,” Camp said.Organizers say the blocks long site will be enclosed by 8 foot high double fencing patrolled by security. Material woven into the chain link barrier is designed to keep non paying spectators from seeing the show.It a big change from previous parkway music events, which have been free. That includes annual Independence Day shows featuring performers like Sheryl Crow and The Roots, as well as the Live 8 concert for African poverty relief in 2005 and a Bruce Springsteen set in 2008.As of Friday, two day passes for “Made In America” cost $135 each, while a one day ticket was $75. Cheap Jerseys china

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