As such, when Akane is put in a disadvantage, she chooses not

My theory doesn’t quite end here. While it is true that the newspaper print business is in its death throes, their switch to digital seems imperfect in its presentation, a mere re packaging and re arranging of its print editions online. The digital editions are, like most things online, too diffuse, and too stuffed with unnecessary and irrelevant information.

Heel Face Turn: Freya, after Ravenna is revealed to have been the one who killed her daughter and she tries to kill Freya’s Huntsmen, turns on her and helps the protagonists to defeat her. Hijacked by Ganon: While Freya is hyped throughout the film as the Big Bad, when she gets hold of the mirror, she releases Ravenna’s soul, who promptly takes over her army and makes Freya play second fiddle. An Ice Person: Freya has the power to freeze things and create ice constructs.

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Fake Bags Specifically, the beginning of the fight focuses on Team Nasu’s Resolve, since one of their team members (Akane) will be moving out of town with her family soon, so they wanted their last battle to be meaningful. As par for the trope, the battle is sparsed with lots of flashbacks of the team to show what they feel and why it means so much to them. As such, when Akane is put in a disadvantage, she chooses not to Bail Out when she has a chance and allows herself to be put into a Die or Fly position where she has to take out her opponent (Y before he closes in and defeats her, at best she takes an arm before she gets taken out. Fake Bags

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