Bahraini police have been accused of abuses, including torture

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Fake Designer Bags NI CO, owned by Invest NI, was paid about 1.5m to train Bahrain’s police and prison service, including on how to tell grieving family members about the deaths of loved ones in custody, and that officers would not be prosecuted for such deaths.Bahraini police have been accused of abuses, including torture. Last year, three anti government prisoners were executed after much questioned trials, ending a seven year moratorium on the death penalty.Raising “serious questions” about the involvement of NI CO and the Donaldson owned Causeway, Reprieve director called on the currently suspended to investigate.The inquiry call was backed by NI Policing Board member, Brice Dickson: “If there is a suspicion that NI CO and Causeway are propping up a regime that is abusing human rights than there should be an inquiry into that.”Arab SpringIn 2011, dozens of pro democracy protestors were killed in Bahrain during the Arab Spring. Following international condemnation, the Bahraini government announced that it would end the use of torture.Between 2013 and 2017, NI CO was paid by the to train Bahraini police officers, prison guards, and security staff on human rights as well as establish new bodies to investigate torture best replica designer bags allegations.NI CO trained hundreds of Bahraini police officers, including 400 guards at replica bags online Jau Prison, where prisoners were tortured and held in poor conditions, while senior Bahraini commanders visitedDuring one visit , (PSNI) officers briefed them on community 7a replica bags wholesale intelligence gathering and how to use high quality designer replica dogs and water cannon. Fake Designer Bags

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