Brighter light also stimulates productivity and concentration

Although Toyota recently announced a big bet on hydrogen powered cars, don’t bet your dirigible on it. In theory, hydrogen seems a very attractive unlimited fuel, since it does not pollute. In reality, creating the infrastructure for hydrogen fueling stations and creating the hydrogen from water or natural gas pose significant problems. At first, the surprise in Washington’s power circles was such that some people whispered that the relationship was nothing more than a marriage of political expedience. His Massachusetts approval ratings were dipping below 50%, and he badly needed a fresh story line to lay on top of the embarrassment that came with his testifying in the 1991 Palm Beach rape trial of his nephew William Kennedy Smith and the subsequent indignity of having to sit mute through the sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. In his 1994 re election campaign, Kennedy faced a surprisingly strong challenge from a squeaky clean businessman named Mitt Romney; Vicki turned out to be Ted’s biggest asset.

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