But there was no overall master plan to guide the station’s

Denny’s has promoted the freebie heavily, with a 30 second ad that aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday, another 15 second ad during the post game show and a full page ad in USA Today’s Monday editions. The company reported 14 million hits on its Web site between Sunday night and Monday morning the site read “service unavailable” at midday Tuesday. By late afternoon Tuesday, when the site was back up, Denny’s had recorded 40 million hits since Sunday night.

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cheap oakley sunglasses That’s a lot to handle with a historic, federally owned building that has no one boss, and only a non voting representative in Congress to fight for the funding it needs to grow. In 2008, billions of dollars in stimulus spending finally became available for improvements fake oakleys, and Union Station landed some of it to replace escalators up to the parking deck. But there was no overall master plan to guide the station’s redevelopment, which would make a better case for bigger grants or resolve conflicts, such as when the District wanted its streetcar line to run through an underpass beneath the station, and Amtrak wanted that space for itself.. cheap oakley sunglasses

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