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Kate Moss and $2995 nwt celine phoebe philo black $720 new celine us 10 eu 40 burgundy leather thong ankle strap sandals shoes box wool silk tuxedo dress fr 40 2 4 6 Elvis Presley: is this her best music video yet?

Kate Moss appears in a new clip for Elvis Presley’s The Wonder of You, but how $3600 new authentic celine mini luggage taupe drummed leather tote bag handbag does it compare with her previous starring roles in music videos? We rate them below…

The $1150 celine burgundy suede & taupe leather platform sandal White Stripes: I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself

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Pole or Pasolini?

Premise: Pole dancer in a Pier Paolo Pasolini film.Acting vibes: CK-One-esque pouty face, lots of hair flicking and Madonna-level aerobic writhing.Score: 7/10

Primal Scream: Kowalski

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Kate Moss goes Bond villain.

Premise: Hard-nosed criminal drives very cool car and gets into various scrapes. Lots of nausea-inducing quick cuts.Acting vibes: Action heroine, specifically a minor Bond villain named Modella Honest.Score: 8/10

Marianne Faithfull: Sex With Strangers

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Premise: Bored socialite goes to possibly haunted gothic mansion and meets doppelgänger.Acting vibes: Moss spends lots of time on her flip phone sauntering from location to location. There’s a strange supernatural narrative going on top quality designer replica handbags , but it’s all a bit “will this do?” via Rentaghost.Score: 5/10

Elvis Presley: The Wonder of You

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Half Baileys ad, half luxe karaoke.

Premise: Half Baileys ad, half luxe karaoke, Moss wears Presley’s leather jumpsuit like a pro.Acting vibes: The bits where Moss looks like an extra in a Michael Bublé video are uninteresting, but the bits where she goes full on 1968 Presley are pretty engaging. Shame about the song, tbh. Score: 6/10

Winner: Primal Scream Moss.

Modella Honest is coming to a Fast and the Furious sequel pretty soon.