Everyone has made their decision on Trump

purse replica handbags An atmosphere of defeat.To put it in appropriately Hollywood terms, it felt like the part of the film where the goodies have realised that the villain they are battling the Terminator, Michael Myers, Jaws is not playing by the rules.That they cannot be stopped by conventional means. That the monster is, in fact, unkillable.Because it looks like the new facts that his closest associates are all turning out to be terrible criminals, that the president ordered the paying off of porn stars in the run up to the election will not damage Trump’s polling numbers one bit.”I honestly think there’s nothing that can hurt him now with his base,” one person said to me.For there are no floating voters left in America. Everyone has made their decision on Trump.Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort found guilty of tax fraudThe ones who are still with him and it looks like that figure might be somewhere between 30 and 40 per cent of the population: tens of millions of Americans will now be with him until the death.And saying “until the death” might not be overdramatic. purse replica handbags

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