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cheap moncler Sheriff Office has released the identities of the 17 victims:William Asher, 69Rosemarie Hamann, 68Janice Bright, 63William Bright, 65Angela Coleman, 45Arya Coleman, 1Belinda Coleman, 69Ervin Coleman, 76Evan Coleman, 7Glenn Coleman, 40Horace Coleman, 70Maxwell Coleman, 2Reece Coleman, 9Leslie Dennison, 64Bob Williams, 73Lance Smith, 15Steve Smith, 53UPDATE: On Friday night, KCTV5 News discovered that Bill and Jan Bright were two of the people who were killed in the duck boat tragedy.They had only lived in Higginsville for a short time, but their deaths will have a lasting impact on people who knew them.Time is frozen on one street in Higginsville. The house where they lived near the center of town looks almost the same as the day they left, except for a handmade memorial.Their friend Barbara Beck said it was their last overnight trip together. A chance to have time to themselves cheap moncler.