He hopes that the harsh sentences serve as a deterrent for

His body was later found in Goochland County.that these individuals will spend the rest of their lives in prison cannot heal the wounds of losing a loved one, but I do hope that it brings some level of closure to Kevin’s family, said Fishwick.enterprises are not just an urban problem, and this case reveals that clearly, said Lee. Attorney John Fishwick says that while the 99 Goons Syndikate no longer threatens central Virginia, gangs are a very real problem for the area.are local kids who grew up here and were recruited into gang lifestyle from our communities, our schools, and our neighborhoods, said Fishwick.He hopes that the harsh sentences serve as a deterrent for others.The gang’s alleged ring leaders Anthony Stokes and Halisi Uhuru will be sentenced at a later date. They were convicted of federal racketeering charges, and not in direct connection to Quick’s murder.

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