His wife takes him to the doctor who examines him and runs a

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canada goose coats The use of humor to communicate the gospelPastor Greg Laurie uses humor quite often in his canada goose coats on sale sermons. I don’t know how he does it, but he always manages to make the joke or share canada goose factory sale an antecdote to illustrate a point in his message. He is one of Canada Goose Outlet those guys who often tells the same jokes, but each time applies it differently, and each time I laugh. And the funny thing is, he can tell the jokes, use the humor, canada goose black friday sale and speak very cheap Canada Goose seriously and powerfully during the same message. I haven’t seen many pastors who can do this as effectively as Pastor Laurie. Although it is not included here, Pastor Greg’s most humorous moments are when he jokes about his baldness. He really misses his Canada Goose Jackets https://www.radondenvercolorado.com hair and can’t wait to have a full head buy canada goose jacket of it one canada goose uk shop day in heaven (with the nice surfer wave he once wore as a teenage boy). Now that he is getting older, he loves to go nuts with the “You know your getting old when.” jokes, which he usually ties in with the brevity of life, or for no good reason, just to make us laugh. Tally Canada Goose Coats On Sale ho, and here we go. canada goose coats

Terminal illnessIn sickness and in health

canada goose clearance A husband has fallen ill with some very serious symptoms. His wife takes him to the doctor who examines him and runs a complete battery of tests. He tells the man to get dressed and step outside. canada goose clearance sale After the husband is gone, the wife says, “Give it to me straight doctor. What’s wrong with my husband?” canada goose clearance

“Well, your husband is going to die unless you take some special measures for him.”

“Of course doctor, I will do anything to help my husband.”

canada goose store “Then this is what you must do. First of all, you must Canada Goose Online not allow canada goose coats him to have any stress whatsoever. You must make him three healthy meals a day, do whatever he asks you to do, smother him with kisses all the time and tell him how much you love him, give him whatever he wants or needs, spoil canada goose him rotten and wait on him hand an foot, and then your husband will live.” canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale On the way home the husband says to his wife, “Well honey, what did the doctor say? Am I going to get well?” canada goose clearance sale

Without missing a Canada Goose sale beat the wife says, “It’s terminal.”

canada goose coats on sale A man went to the doctor for symptoms he was having. The doctor ran many tests. When the test results came back, the doctor brought the man into his office to give him the news. “What’s the word Doctor? Is it serious?” canada goose coats on sale

“I’m sorry,” the doctor said. “Your illness is terminal.”

canada goose black friday sale “Tell me, doctor, how long have I got?” canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket “Ten what? Ten years? Ten buy canada goose jacket cheap months? Ten weeks? Ten days?” buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet The doctor replied, “nine, eight, seven.” Canada Goose Outlet

There was an elderly married couple, each being age 85. They’d been married for 60 years. Strangely, they both died the same day and went to heaven. The fact is, the couple had been in very good health the last 10 years, primarily due to the Canada Goose Parka wife’s interest in healthy eating and exercise.

canadian goose jacket So they arrive at the pearly gates and Saint Peter escorts them to their beautiful, palatial mansion. canadian goose jacket

The husband is amazed at uk canada goose outlet the size and extravagant features of the home. “How much is this going to cost?” he asks.

Canada Goose Parka Peter replies, “This isn’t going to cost you anything, this is heaven.” Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets The husband and wife make their way to the back yard and are excited to see a beautiful golf course. Every week, the golf course changes to a different model from the most famous courses on earth. The man is once more overwhelmed with joy and asks again, “How much is this going to cost? What canada goose uk outlet are the green fees?” Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap Peter says “There are no green fees. You play for free. This is heaven.” buy canada goose jacket cheap

Peter then escorts the couple to the dining room where there is canada goose a lavish buffet with cuisines from canada goose uk black friday all over the world. “How much does it cost to eat here?” the man asks hungrily.

canada goose Peter says once again, “It costs nothing, this is heaven. Please understand canada goose clearance everything is free.” canada goose

The man looks around and says “Wait a minute, where are the low fat and low choleserol foods?”

Canada Goose online Peter replies, “That’s the good thing about heaven. You can eat anything you want and you’ll never get fat, you’ll never get sick, and you’ll never die.” Canada Goose online

The man suddenly gets angry and throws his hat down on the ground and starts stomping up and down on it screaming. Peter and the man’s wife say “What is wrong with you? Calm down.” The man looks at his wife and says, “If it weren’t for your bran muffins, I would have been here 10 years ago.”

canada goose deals A man arrives at the pearly gates. Saint Peter takes his name and looks for his name in the book of life. “Hey buddy, I’m sorry but I really can’t find anything on uk canada goose you. It’s not that I’m finding the bad, but I just can’t find anything good Canada Goose online either. If you can tell me one thing you did on earth that was good, you’re in.” canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale “Oh, I can think of one thing right off. One time, I was driving down the road and saw a motorcycle gang surrounding this woman whose car had broken down. I pulled my car over, popped the trunk, and pulled out a tire iron. I ran over there, pushed through canadian goose jacket all the bikers and said, ‘If you want to get to her, you’re going to have to go through me first.’ Then I cheap canada goose uk bonked a biker canada goose store on the head.” Canada Goose sale.