Household Enemies, Wickedness and Witchcraft

Enemies, wickedness, and witchcraft in the family started a long time ago as we can see from the story of Joseph in Gen 37. To be victorious in these battles, faith, wisdom, knowledge and understanding are required. It is important to note that these three wicked powers exist in the family: while some are active, others are dormant waiting for someone to stir them up. An obvious way to swing one of these wicked powers into action in the family, especially household enemies is by unnecessary show of wealth. Lack of wisdom and understanding have led some to erroneously think that everybody in their families applaud them when they achieve a breakthrough. A cursory look at the actions of Joseph’s brothers will serve as a warning to those who have failed to recognize the existence of such harmful and opposing forces in their families. The question of how to face these negative forces in the family to achieve victory is pertinent. We need to identify who we are in Christ Jesus by facing such forces with boldness and faith in God.

Household Enemies

The key bible verses for this discussion are Gen 37 and Micah7:5-8. An analysis of Gen 37 shows that one can be hated by his own flesh and blood just for doing nothing. Israel’s unequal love to his children led to disastrous outcomes. Parents and heads of institutions of various sorts who find reasons to love someone more than others should pay close attention to this lesson. Do not forget that others are watching for areas of inequality which invariably will result to the activation of household enmity, wickedness and witchcraft. Dissatisfied members of the family will always grumble and cause trouble. In the case of Israel, the consequences of his action outweighed the reason for it. Am sure he wouldn’t have taken such an action if he had envisaged the outcome. Also, Joseph, not aware that he was already hated by his brothers went ahead to reveal all his dreams to them which caused more hatred. It is worth mentioning that household enemies are not interested in the dreams and visions of any family member. They are betrayers with strong dislike for the progress of any family member who will eventually be ahead of them in the future. They will rather call you a dreamer instead of believing in your dreams. They are full of envy with malicious intentions. Watch out for those you tell your dreams and visions. Household enemies are dream attackers and destiny hijackers. Do not use your mouth to destroy your destiny.

Household enemies are liars and conspirators whose missions are to stop any member of the family from moving forward. They target those qualities or asset that distinguish you from others and try to dispossess you of them. But in all these, God will deliver his people from the hands of these household enemies just like He did for Joseph. We will be victorious when we remain steadfast in the Lord just like Joseph. It might seem we have lost everything but the end is what justifies the means. God is interested in our end. This story also showed the different stages we must overcome in life. To become a hero, you must fight for your destiny. Even in prison, Joseph did not give up. God took him away from the wrong group of people (his brothers) to show him His glory. Your coat of many colors will make you to be separated from the wrong people for you to shine.

Apart from Joseph, David also experienced the same thing in the hands of his brothers who were angry that he asked about Goliath. They were infuriated and ordered him to return to the field where he has been taking care of the sheep. Unknown to his brothers, God has been preparing him for war while in the field. The two cases we have examined here are true reflections of Micah7:5-8 which states that a man’s enemies are the members of his household. It is also imperative to point out that Joseph and David were not distracted by the actions of their household enemies; rather both were focused knowing they have a great future in God. In Gen39:2, Joseph was called a successful man despite the fact he was still a slave in the house of his master. God was with him and no matter his condition, he was considered successful. Jacob was also carrying a coat of blessings when he stepped into his uncle’s business. There is what is called the feet of blessing and the feet of sorrow. Some people bring blessings to you once they step into your house or business while others bring sorrow.

Household Wickedness

Household wickedness directs people to the wrong activities so that they can make regrettable mistakes. They are full of evil imaginations. They are sadists. They do not want to witness any good testimony in the life of any family member. Those who are in pain create pain for others. Also, those who are controlled by anger inflict such anger on others. From Micah 7:5-6, the mouth is very important in destroying people’s destiny. An open mouth is a terror to the owner. We must note that every evil committed by people are seeds which they must surely reap according to Gal 6:7.  Your enemies have no cause to rejoice over you. Math 10:36 also supported the teachings of prophet Micah as cited above. In Math 26:19-24, Jesus was talking about Judas who was about to betray him. Judas was a member of Jesus’s ministerial household: one who dipped his hands in the same dish with Jesus. Jesus was delivered to Pilate because of envy emanating from household wickedness Math 27:18.  In 1Sam 17:1-7 & 15, David did not give up despite the angry rebuke of his brothers. He was confident. David did not do anything wrong as we can see in verse 29. Evil tongue is a mark of household wickedness and David prayed against that in Psm55:9-23. Evil tongues cause violence and strife. It is important to note that household wickedness cannot do anything to you unless you permit them. Your decisions matter a lot.

Household Witchcraft

God has given us power and dominion over everything he created. People have attached so much importance to witches, but actually, witches are the lowest in the hierarchy of the kingdom of darkness. It might interest you to know that witches are not only those that have wings. There are wingless as well as blind witches. Some spirits which people exhibit in one form or the other are signs of witchcraft. For example, Controlling Spirit is a witchcraft spirit. Evil scheming is also a witchcraft spirit. When there is household witchcraft in the foundation of a man, it haunts every member of that household except the true born-again Christians. A man’s enemies are the members of his household, Micah7:5-6 and Math 10: 36. Note that those you trust today can disappoint you tomorrow. Rise and fall is one of the symptoms of household witchcraft. Foundational household witchcraft tends to renew or put fresh curses on family members. They curse people because of their blessings and talents, but be assured that occult has nothing to do in the life of a child of God. You are already blessed if you are a child of God and cannot be cursed. Note that in Num 23:1-8 & 13, Balak offered everything he could but still could not curse the people of God.  As long as you have the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God, you are unmovable. Verse 23 says that there is no enchantment or divination against you as long as God is your Rock.

 Finally,suffer not the witches to live, Ex22:18. Note that witches have no mercy for anybody; they are out to frustrate people’s lives, therefore they are to be destroyed as stated in the bible. Let’s take a look at Acts 23:12, where a certain Jews fasted to kill Paul. What can you say about this? Did Paul commit any crime? This is witchcraft spirit to the highest order. Today, anybody or power engaging in a satanic fast to destroy you must catch fire in the name of Jesus.

By Rita Richmore