In the same episode, all the Personas that Yu uses in the

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Designer Replica Bags What did I do? I bought several plates with different women’s faces and had a contractor hang them across my granite splash board in my kitchen. I also have a candle from the collection that my dear friend, Nancy, gave me. Birds of a feather, we are!. Yosuke bringing him out of it could also reference the fact that in the games, once your Social Link with a party member is high enough, that party member can cure status effects on Yu, including Fear. In the same episode, all the Personas that Yu uses in the battle against Shadow Mitsuo reflect their abilities in the game Pyro Jack absorbs fire, Ara Mitama is strong against physical attacks, High Pixie uses Lightning, et cetera. Shadow Mitsuo rebuilding his shell after his real body is exposed is also what happens in the game, though in the game there’s a delay of a few turns between destroying the shell and it being rebuilt, whereas in the anime he starts rebuilding it im. Designer Replica Bags

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