Initially, the feud involves Kurt’s illegitimate son, Jason

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Replica Handbags The feud reignited later of the year also including Dean’s old stablemates, The Shield. Like with Daniel Bryan on SmackDown the previous year, Miz develops a feud with Kurt Angle in 2017 after he was transferred to Raw. Initially, the feud involves Kurt’s illegitimate son, Jason Jordan. In stories where Status Quo Is God, you’ll see the Smurfette turn out to be right because the new girl was either the Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing or a Sixth Ranger Traitor, typically with only Smurfette to see through the act. In stories where there can be legitimate progress, the new girl will just be a target of shallow jealousy because the new girl is markedly more feminine or able to get along with the men more easily. In the end, the two women may end up becoming friends Replica Handbags.