Instead of the warm, fuzzy feeling I got at the end of season

Canada Goose Jackets Sale Her new boyfriend is a man not even she can remember and he doesn’t come close to matching up with her varied but unforgettable exes: Dean, Jess and Logan.Meanwhile, she’s still sleeping with Logan whenever she’s in London even though he’s engaged to someone else. (Pssst, Rory, did you learn nothing from the whole Dean affair?!)Her journalism career dreams fizzle out in a dingy office, battling with MS DOS to publish the same old poems in the Stars Hollow Gazette with only two elderly colleagues for company.It’s not the ending we wanted for the Yale graduate.Rory is lost while Lorelai finally gets her happy endingJess comes to our damsel’s rescue, as Luke so often did for Lorelai, planting an idea in her head to write the story of her life with her mother: The Gilmore Girls.Suddenly it feels like this was always her destiny, a self fulfilling prophecy. This whole time, have we been watching their story told through Rory’s eyes?Those last four words It all could have ended so perfectly.Emily was finally free from the chains of the life she had lived for 50 years, quitting the DAR and her big, lonely house, moving away to Nantucket and even finding herself a job.Jess made a welcome return to Canada Goose Sale Stars Hollow and is clearly still in love with Rory”Is Jess going to ask Rory to marry him? He’s clearly still in love with her,” I thought to myself, craving something to give the show closure now we know this is the last we’ll see of Stars Hollow.Instead of the warm, fuzzy feeling I got at the end of season 7, what I heard left me open mouthed for a solid 20 seconds.. Canada Goose Jackets Sale

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