“It was women that fired Tuttle’s publicity rocket

In his heyday, the US tattoo artist was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and had famous musicians turning up unannounced at his San Francisco shop door.One of them was Janis Joplin.”Here comes two big dogs into the tattoo shop, and then this crazy gal with her hair and bracelets on,” he says.She asked for two tattoos; a bracelet design on her wrist and a tiny heart on her breast.”You learn early on in tattooing that if someone comes in and they pick out a large design and a small design, you put the big one on first,” Tuttle says.”I got the bracelet on, she went downstairs and had a couple of drinks, and then I put the little one gofind on.”I must’ve put a few hundred of those on after she passed on, people got them in memory of Janis.”It was women that fired Tuttle’s publicity rocket.Only a few years after tattooing had been outlawed in New York City, the women’s liberation movement Canada Goose Outlet hit America.Tuttle’s media commentary on the issue put him into the international spotlight.Before that, the industry had been associated with drunken sailors or ex prisoners.”All of a sudden it became a kinder, softer, gentler form of art,” he says.”With women’s liberation, they were getting them on their breasts, inside their bikini line.”I’ve seen a lot of pubic hair in my time.”‘Now it’s a trend and a fad’A part of the body art trade since 1949, Tuttle has tattooed many famous rock stars and has inked people on all seven continents. Yes, that includes Antarctica.He has a tiny penguin on his right forearm to mark the occasion.Tattooing used to be a compulsion. In my era, I just had to have a tattoo.

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