JJonyatta, Ana, all DPS characters sans Doomfist, and even

10 of the top 10 players in the Asia region are Zenyatta mains

Yes. Of course a lot of Canada Goose Outlet thing cheap Canada Goose effect the situation but the culture plays a big part. Winning and climbing the ladder is very Canada Goose sale important because not only are Canada Goose online you effecting cheap canada goose uk yourself but other people’s SR is buy canada goose jacket cheap on the line and you know how bad they want to climb and how they’re thinking the same canada goose clearance sale thing about winning. When you look at it that way there is no other option than to Canada Goose Jackets fill. In fact Ryujehong used to be a dps main in OW and winner of “the best sniper” in a fps canada goose coats on sale game very popular in korea and was successful in that esport as well. A lot of players have switched roles.On the toxic players the short answer is no. Toxic players don’t get attention, are looked down upon and canadian goose jacket are disliked(don’t want to use “hate”) by canada goose uk outlet everyone because they’re hurting the canada goose community, the experience of the game and the success of others. Not to say there canadagooseuk aren’t any, but Canada Goose Parka most of them do leave the game after a short period and go on to another thing.Boosting is by far the worst thing even worse than hacking. They know who is good at what, they will flex onto other roles as necessary.Contrary to belief, main tank roles are scarce but people can flex into Canada Goose Online them at least. But as the role itself isn’t exactly fun, people tend not to main, main tanks afaik.Another thing canada goose uk black friday is one tricks, while they do exist, canada goose store it’s also uk canada goose outlet so much easy to counter because, as I said, they just know canada goose black friday sale each other because it’s always same people. Which then result in forming a better comp =win. Zen is a dps. You see canada goose coats those canada goose clearance widows? Yeah.Pps, Lucio is basically self healing deflect less Genji when played like such. I wouldn’t recommend but you can. Just sayin’Okay here my take on the matter.Certain heroes benefit from not just gamesense, but aim as well. JJonyatta, Ana, all DPS characters sans Doomfist, and even Lucio/Moira. The more damage you put out on a hero that is traditionally supposed to buy canada goose jacket be a support character, the better off your team is.This incentivises people who could be a star DPS to play support heroes where their ability to fill is maximizing not only team awareness of the enemy positions, but the team damage as well.Four of the seven Zen mains on that list Canada Goose Coats On Sale also play either Widow/Tracer, or Ana, Moira, McCree of some other www.canadagooseuk.net form of DPS. You can tell these people are filling. canada goose uk shop Koreans want to win so they play the strongest carry heroes for their respective roles uk canada goose while filling. Obviously there are a few actual full support mains here. Just comes from a culture canada goose factory sale that puts more emphasis on winning games than “playing the heroes you like just cause.” Also western culture for whatever reason thinks playing a dps is more important and harder than any other role, hence, more dps mains. To show the difference between the mindsets, you ask western people what the hardest role, most people will say dps. I found if you ask Koreans you get a mixed bag of answers. (Fleta said tanks for example.).

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