Morgan, Plainfield Board of Education president

Canada Goose Outlet Sale The new K to 5 elementary school will be located on Central Avenue and East 7th Street on a 13.28 acre parcel owned by the Plainfield Public School District and will house approximately 756 students. Once construction is complete, Woodland Avenue School will Cheap Canada Goose be razed and Cook Elementary School will be put to another use by the district.The new school will be a two story building that will include a media center, computer lab, gym, outdoor physical education and recreational space, and a “cafetorium,” a room that functions as both a cafeteria and an auditorium.”This new project approved by the NJSDA and the Plainfield Board of Education, will offer our students great opportunities to learn in a state of the art educational environment,” said Emily E. Morgan, Plainfield Board of Education president. Canada Goose Outlet Sale

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