Most of the top 10 heroes winrate wise for 5k+ (Meepo

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moncler outlet store Put attribute points into INT, and enough CON to carry a shield (for the extra armor if nothing else), and carry a wand. You won have to actually use the wand to attack, so use it for the stat boosts it gives. In other words, don focus cheap moncler jackets on doing magical damage with her, but on healing and buffing the party and the incarnate, through which most of her damage will come. moncler outlet store

moncler uk outlet We rode to the pool, and as we passed men, I noticed them glancing at my bent over dcolletage. I hoped Alex noticed them looking. I rode ahead of him, just to remind him that I was still free and sexy and belonged only to myself. 1 point submitted 1 month agoBecause of Pick Rate. Most of the top 10 heroes monclerdownjacket winrate wise for 5k+ (Meepo, Lycan, Visage, etc.) are last picks who do well only because they were picked last or further in specifically to counter. It why Huskar, a shitcan hero, does so well winrate wise.But heroes like Spectre, Axe, and Clinkz who have really high pickrates, to the point where they obviously not being picked to counter but being picked as staples fort heir strength, absolutely should be nerfed. moncler uk outlet

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