Plans for huge changes in local health services have been drawn

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moncler outlet online But says the UK should get on with the US President whoever that is. (Personally I hope very much Trump loses but Mr Rees Mogg is probably right ).Julia moncler outlet online store Hartley Brewer says moncler jackets toronto we should leave planet Earth if Trump wins!Caroline Lucas moncler jacket online suggests Trump could be like George Bush. Not sure what that means are we going to invade Iraq again?Here a picture of Donald and Midland MP Michael Fabricant.Staffordshire MP Michael Fabricant, right, and Donald TrumpAre massive NHS cuts on the way?The panel are discussing NHS spending and whether we need to accept that the health service needs much more money.As we reported, NHS England has been split into 44 areas where local health managers are moncler outlet ny drawing up plans for cuts designed to save nationwide.Plans for huge changes in local health services have been drawn up behind closed doors and they could mean dramatic cuts.Local health bosses moncler coats cheap and council officials have been working on the proposals since December 2015.And it only now that the rest of us get a chance to see them moncler outlet online.