Reagan had stern words for Congress when it tried to play

Melissa Carleton has been in a semi comatose state since March. In her second trimester, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor after suffering from headaches. She hoped to postpone surgery to remove the tumor until after the birth of her son. Reagan had stern words for Congress when it tried to play political games with the debt ceiling in 1987. They still ring true today., he wrote before quoting the late president exact words. Republicans should read that paragraph (from Reagan speech) out loud twice before going to vote on the debt ceiling in the next few days.

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I hope that it means you graduate high school having been given the funding necessary to provide you with the support you need. I hope that it means you go on to higher learning institutions and become critical thinkers in the world of tomorrow. One day, it will be your educated minds and voices that will speak out and fight to keep what we have for your children..

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