Sometimes a crisp new snapback or Stetson is just not going to

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supreme Snapbacks If you haven’t been paying attention over the last year, Donald Trump publicly trashed a person with special needs, disrespected our military by making fun of the Purple Heart, offered no real economic or policy plans in general, lied about his relationship with ex Klan leader David Duke (and with Vladimir Putin), lied by promising that Mexico will pay for a wall but was scared to ask the Mexican president when he had the chance, lied by saying he could deport 11 million immigrants, encouraged the Russians to hack and basically attack us, mismanaged and misused campaign funds, used charity money to pay his legal fees and lied about raising $6 million for veterans. To name a few. PolitiFact has reported that roughly 70 percent of Trump statements were false, collectively naming his utterances as their “2015 Lie of the Year.”. supreme Snapbacks

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