Still, testing the bones may not provide a clear answer

military touts tougher image as tanks roll out in kandahar

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canada goose black friday sale That came on the heels of a broadcast last week by Arab satellite TV channel Al Jazeera, which said it had conducted a nine month investigation into the leader death after his widow, Suha, handed over Arafat medical file and what she said was a duffel bag of his belongings. Included in the bag were a fur hat and a woolen cap with some of his hair, a toothbrush, and clothing with his urine and blood stains.Switzerland Institute of Radiation Physics detected elevated traces of polonium 210 ” a rare and highly lethal substance ” on the belongings, but said the findings were inconclusive and that Arafat bones would have to be tested. That prompted a request to have his remains exhumed; Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas decided to go ahead with that earlier this week.Still, testing the bones may not provide a clear answer. canada goose black friday sale

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