The Deputy Director in charge of the Wards

5 Bonus Interlude

just going to be another minute or two. The data has to compile and upload. It not my work, so I played it safe and went for the slowest, heaviest compression method that I could. It going to cheap adidas take a bit. fine. Thank you. Win shifted position uncomfortably, falling silent.

You don have to be intimidated. I just a man.

cheap jordans made in china Legend stared out the window. He wouldn miss this city. There weren happy memories here, and there was little he was proud about. Most of the time, he was able to feel that he made an impact, that cheap air jordan the world was a better place for his being there. That wasn the case here. cheap jordans made in china

cheap jordans and nikes long have you been in the Wards? he asked, to make conversation. cheap jordans and nikes

authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap years. seen your records. Win cringed. authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap

retro jordans for cheap price don act like I going to say something bad. The Deputy Director in charge of the Wards, I can quite remember his name, he had some glowing praise for your ability to engage with the public. with the public? I don remember doing much of that. about speeches to other youths at school? That wasn a big cheap jordans from china deal. guy who rating your performance seems to think it was. Can quite place his name, the suits sort of start to blur cheap jordans sale in with one another Director Renick, Kid Win supplied. retro jordans for cheap price

cheap jordan 11 Thank you. He seemed to think you connected with the crowd, and you did it better than any of your teammates. You were frank, open, honest, and you stood out because of how you handled yourself when the students started getting rambunctious and heckling you. Piggot yelled at me for drawing the gun. was something that could have backfired very easily, but you struck the right tone and you defused the situation with humor. I think that a good thing, and so did the staff at the school. The teachers sent emails a few days after the event, commenting on the overall positive impact you had on the students, the hecklers included. And when I say you, I mean you specifically. Win shrugged, tapping a few keys on the laptop to rotate through a series of progress bars and graphs. told me about that. a shame, Legend said, turning his gaze to the window to relieve some of the pressure his very presence seemed to put on Kid Win. ability to manage yourself with the public iscrucial if you intend to go on to make a career out of working with the Protectorate. kind of weird, that someone as important as you are is making such a big deal out of an event I barely remember. study cheap jordans online the records cheap air force of everyone I intend to work with, and I studied yours. I try to make a note of individual strengths. That event stuck in my mind when I was reading through your files. It was a very easy mental picture to put together, especially the part with the gun. Win smiled a little. cheap jordan 11

cheap jordans 1 remind me of Hero. smile fell from Kid Win face. He looked startled. imagine he was very much like you when he was younger. Win looked uncomfortable. cheap jordans 1

cheap air jordans 6 can talk about it, Legend assured him. okay. It was a long time ago that he passed. sort of modeled myself after him. studied the boy. Red and gold body armor and a red tinted visor. There were additions that seemed to be more recent, judging by the lack of wear and tear, but if he looked past those,if he imagined the boy with a helmet covering that brown wavy hair, replaced the red with blue chain mesh, he could see the resemblance. cheap air jordans 6

cheap jordans under $50 can see that. didn mean to copy him, or to ride cheap jordans for sale off his fame or anything. I was younger when I started, I totally meant it to be respectful Kid Win stopped as Legend raised a hand. cheap jordans under $50

okay. I think he would be flattered. Win nodded, a little too quickly.

was the first real tinker, you know. we knew tinkers have specializations, Kid Win added.

thought about it. The disintegration gun, the jetpack, the sonic weapons, the power sources and explosives that were surprisingly effective for their size. I suspect his specialty tied into manipulating and enhancing wavelengths and frequencies. Win eyes went wide. He glanced at the laptop.

know enough other tinkers to know that look. You just had a stroke of inspiration? of. More like a bunch of half assed ideas all at once. let me distract you. If you want to take a minute to make some notes on whatever came to mind, I won be offended in the slightest. okay. sure? I Kid Win paused. guess I rather keep talking to you than write down ideas that probably won work cheap jordans on sale out. you. I say you shouldn worry too much about trying to emulate Hero. It heartening, if I had to put a word to the feeling, that you look up to him and carry on his legacy. But you have your own specialization and your own strengths. Win nodded. figuring that out. I spent a long time trying to be like other tinkers and struggling. Ninety percent of my projects just stopped before I finished it. The stuff I finished, I finished it because it was simple. Guns, the floating hoverboard well, I used to have a floating hoverboard. I sort of copied Hero approach. instead of jetpack, cheap jordans shoes but I made the guns, tried a few disintegration rays. Maybe part of the reason I finished that stuff was because I felt like I be insulting Hero by trying to copy his style and making a mess of it. sense, Legend spoke, primarily to show he was listening.

lately I started to relax about that. Maybe it helps that we been working as hard as we have. I been too tired to keep to the rules I thought I was supposed cheap jordan sneakers to follow. Still have to spend time in the workshop, I think I go crazy if I didn but I winging it more. I trusting my instincts and spending less time using cheap Air max shoes the computers to get the exact numbers and measurements. help compensate for your dyscalculia? didn know you knew about that. I didn know the PRT knew about that. talents make for very comprehensive records, sorry. Win frowned, his expression changing fractionally as he stared down at the keyboard in front of him. He seemed to come to terms with the idea, because he moved on. I think it working for me. I getting the feeling that I do have a specialization, but it more of an approach than a particular field. Equipment with multiple settings and uses, modular weapons, gear that adaptable to different situations, I guess? fantastic. The fact that you struggled and then found your strengths the hard way could be an asset. asset? you wind up leading the Wards cheap jordans in china or a team in the Protectorate, it means you be better equipped to help out teammates who are having their own problems. be horrible in a leadership position. said the same thing, and I think we both agree that he was wrong. seemed to give Kid Win pause.

buy cheap jordan shoes about it. Kid Win replied. that I not majorly grateful that you giving me the pep talk, but you said you were in a bit of a hurry and I think we done here. compiling is done? could refine it further, try to give you some additional features, but the coding and the hardware I working with here is so tightly structured that I think I do more harm than good. It like the techie equivalent of trying to put toothpaste back in the tube after you squeezed it out you cheap jordans china can so maybe you try to make more tube that sticks out of one side, but you keep doing cheap jordans online it and you wind up with this kludgy mess that you can even use for its original purpose. For getting toothpaste. think I understand what you mean. Thank you for this. It already uploaded? and it was my pleasure, really. Kid Win smiled. buy cheap jordan shoes

Legend stood and stretched a little.

real jordan shoes cheap The goodbyes had already been made and he had his meeting with Emily. Business was wrapped up here. He called home to let Arthur know he wouldn make it to dinner but that he hoped to be back before midnight. real jordan shoes cheap

cheap jordan tours A light smile touched his cheap jordans free shipping face. He even felt a little giddy at the thought of getting home, wrapping Arthur in a hug. Growing up, he never thought that he feelgiddy about his husband after six years of marriage. cheap jordan tours

cheap retros But he had something to take care of first. The notion put a damper on his pleasant mood. cheap retros

cheap jordans 7 for sale going to go, then. You and I, he promised Kid Win, talk again sometime. You can tell me if you cheap yeezys figured out your specialty, and if you leading a team. the next time you in Brockton Bay? Legend smiled, but he was thinking, does he know? This whole region might be condemned. cheap jordans 7 for sale

Maybe Kid Win was being optimistic.

dirt cheap jordans from china Legend turned and opened a window, then let himself float through. He took a second to get his bearings, to inform himself of which direction was up, down, north, east, south and west, then he took off. dirt cheap jordans from china

Powers were classified into categories, and the classification was used to mark those powers which were limited to one own body and their immediate vicinity. Though it had initially been used to cover individuals who could make themselves stronger, denser, larger or change the materials they were made of, it was slowly expanding to include others. There was a theory that was gaining traction, suggesting that the breaker classification was one of the most common powersets, if not always the most pronounced. Innumerable people with powers had also adapted innate defenses that kept their own powers from harming themselves. Pyrokinetics tended to be resistant to flame. There were automatic shutoffs, biological and mental, for various other powers. Even beyond that, there were other adaptations that were so subtle as to be almost undetectable. His weren flight powers let him accelerate to a speed that exceeded sound andcontinue accelerating, to no hard limit. Thesoft limit was that he had breaker powers that kept the acceleration from tearing him to shreds, altering his body into something else entirely as he gained speed. The drawback to this was that his brain also shut down on a cognitive level as the transformation occurred. He had never let himself go so fast that he lost the ability to consciously control his movements.

There were other benefits too. He was better at registering and processing light waves, regardless of which state he was in. He could see with perfect clarity up until the point that an obstactle intervened or the atmosphere occluded his vision.

If an opponent attacked and struck him, he instinctively transitioned into his energy form for a split second. In that state, he absorbed energy of a variety of kinds, including the kinetic energy that was transferred with a punch or with a bullet. His opponents were forced to whittle him down, each attack only a fraction as effective as it might otherwise be. Even then, a share of that small amount of damage was healed a second later as he used the absorbed energy to mend his body. Conversely, his enemies could try to hit him with enough speed and force that even a hundredth of a second of contact was sufficient to take him out of the fight. Leviathan and Behemoth had managed to land blows of that magnitude.

cheap jordan 12 shoes Siberian has as well. He set his jaw and increased his speed a notch. cheap jordan 12 shoes

cheap nikes and jordans He traveled over the Atlantic Ocean, moving so fast that the water appeared to be one flat plane. His thoughts became a blur, and he was forced to focus on cheap nike shoes his destination, letting all other thoughts and doubts fall by the wayside. cheap nikes and jordans

It was refreshing, in a way, cleansing himself of the responsibilities and the thousands of problems he was forced to handle as the leader of the Protectorate. Still, it always scared him just a little.