The Koh Phangan district office relayed the order banning beach

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Fake Handbags The governor of Surat Thani, Chatpong Chatphuti, said the ban was part of efforts to put a stop to vice and illegal activities which had been putting Thailand’s good reputation at risk. He said beach events such as the Black Moon and Half Moon parties were partly responsible for problems affecting the province’s tourism.The Koh Phangan district office relayed the order banning beach parties to various agencies, while police went around the island removing posters telling tourists about upcoming events such as the Black Moon, Jungle Moon and Experience Moon parties.The famous Full Moon Party which is held each month on Koh Phangan’s Rin Beach has been allowed to continue.A spokesman of the National Police Office, meanwhile, said officers throughout Thailand had been instructed to step up measures ensuring tourist safety as the country enters its tourism high season. The Immigration Bureau has also been told it must keep better records of the number of people arriving and where they are staying, which could help in the event Replica handbags of security incidents.Ladies only train services have also been introduced on selected routes, in which designated carriages are available to women and girls only, as well as boys under 10 years of age and no taller than 150 cm.A women’s only car parking zone was also recently introduced at Suvarnabhumi Airport in the capital Bangkok, reserved for women traveling alone or with children under the age of 12 Fake Handbags.