The new law expands an existing program by doubling the number

canada goose Now If You Ditch Your State Taxes You'll Lose Your California Driver's License Jill Krasny Oct. 15, 2011, 3:05 PM Screenshot California Gov. Jerry Brown is sick of celebrities flaking out on their state tax returns. Brown signed a bill on Oct. 4 requiring the motor vehicle department to suspend the driver’s licenses of its worst delinquents, many of whom you already know, reports the Journal. Now they’ll be publicly outed: “The California driver’s license suspensions will affect the state’s top 1 ,000 tax debtors, whose names will be published online in two lists of 500 each. One list will be drawn from the income-tax rolls, with those on the second drawn from sales and other tax rolls. The new law expands an existing program by doubling the number of names on the published lists and adding the license suspensions.” The bill also applies to medical, beautician canada goose sale , physician’s nurses, and other licenses, and follows the path of “at least 19 states, including Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, Florida, Montana, Connecticut, Kentucky and New Jersey … according to data from CCH, a unit of WoltersKluwer.” Pamela Anderson is on the books for $607,000, while Halsey Minor, a founder of CNET, is said to owe $14.2 million in income taxes, according to the paper. What would you do if your license was suspended? Have you skipped your state taxes before? See nine ways Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan could hurt taxpayers> canada goose parka