The same model, after all, may be wearing a Rolex in one shoot

If you’re newly pregnant, congrats! Now go out and buy yourself a pregnancy body pillow. I’m not joking you definitely want one of these oh so comfy back saving, insomnia zapping devices. I tried to cheap out in my first pregnancy and didn’t buy one, and I highly regretted it, especially by the late third trimester. Again, an experienced restaurateur would know this stuff, that’s why they tend to purchase existing restaurant operations because they know a conversion from a retail space to a restaurant is a costly venture. For an informal hot dog restaurant, I’m not sure the capital outlay is worth it, especially in an expensive town like Palo Alto. A more savvy restaurateur might have just waited for a restaurant vacancy (like Cho’s) and move in quickly (a couple of months or less) rather than undergo a year long ordeal at enormous expense..

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