The tax rate excludes a one time tax charge of approximately

We directed other holders to start a letter writing campaign to the judge, and thankfully, the judge sided with us. We formed an equity committee (which pays for all legal fees) which we led and got the debtors to change some things in the disclosure statement to our benefit. We then objected to the plan and the bonuses and ended up compromising with the debtors at the last moment, since, if we lost, we likely would have been wiped out.

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iphone 7 plus case First quarter net total interest expense and finance charges were approximately $18 million, up from $8 million in the prior year quarter. The increase was due to higher borrowing cost to fund acquisitions and ongoing working capital requirements and higher interest rate environment.The effective tax rate for the first quarter was 29% compared to 34% in the prior year period. The tax rate excludes a one time tax charge of approximately $42 million or $1.03 per diluted share related to repatriation tax and re measurement of our deferred tax accounts. iphone 7 plus case

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cheap iphone Cases Signal Sidearm is a smart sensor that attaches to most law enforcement firearm holsters, when a firearm is removed from its holster, a wireless alert is sent to all Axon cameras within range to begin recording and capture buffered video from before the firearm withdrawn.And fourth we’ve recently released Axon Citizen, a pubic safety portal that allows us community members to submit evidence directly to law enforcement agencies only for crimes under investigation. This is a specific product that was requested by our customers and has generated a lot of user interest.Finally, I’d like to update you on RMS which is still pre revenue and represents a large future opportunity. RMS on track to shipping 2018 to select agencies that our early access partners cheap iphone Cases.