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Cheap Canada Goose Outlet We call for avoiding any credit event and selective default, say. And of course, default.”Instead, Trichet said he was surprised by how narrow the view of Cheap Canada Goose private sector involvement was and added that privatisation was a good way to mobilise private capital.Asked if the ECB would roll over its own Greek bondholdings, Trichet replied: “It’s certainly not our intention.”He also indicated the ECB might not be willing to accept Greek bonds as collateral from banks seeking loans if some form of restructuring made the bonds ineligible under ECB rules.”We have a strong determination to apply our framework and our rules, whatever happens here and there. And we have a very clear position in this respect,” Trichet said.LIQUIDITY TAPS STAY ON While it flagged a July rate rise, the ECB remains careful not to withdraw support to the economy and banking system so fast as to stall the recovery or endanger banks’ ability to cope with limited liquidity.Fears that the euro zone debt crisis might spill over to the banking system and the fact that banks in bailed out euro zone states remain shut out of credit markets, prompted it to offer unlimited liquidity to banks until at least October.”(The ECB) today also decided to continue conducting its main refinancing operations (MROs) as fixed canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose rate tender procedures with full allotment for as long as necessary, and at least until the end of the ninth maintenance period of 2011 on 11 October 2011,” Trichet said.Previously, the ECB had committed to keeping tenders on an unlimited funding basis until at least July 12, meaning a decision was due.New ECB staff forecasts projected 2011 inflation in a 2.5 2.7 canada goose sale percent range, falling back to 1.1 2.3 percent in 2012 Cheap Canada Goose Outlet.